ISIO 200

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ISIO 200 is a simple and versatile binary I/O terminal with IEC 61850 interface. For communicating with CMC test sets and real-time message exchange with peer devices, the fast GOOSE messaging is used. By using Client/Server communication, ISIO 200 can be integrated into Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and communicate to a station controller.

In combination with a CMC test set, ISIO 200 extends the binary I/O capability of the test system. As a component of an SAS, it handles additional binary signals. Due to its compact design, binary I/O terminals can be put wherever necessary.

Key features

  • Testing of complex protection schemes with CMC test sets
  • Remote control of binary outputs through web interface or IEC 61850
  • Interoperability with a wide range of devices and clients
  • IEC 61850 Ed.2 GOOSE and Client/Server communication
  • Simple configuration and IEC 61850 engineering support
  • Selectable data models for using ISIO 200 as status interface for overcurrent relays, circuit breakers, disconnectors and teleprotection

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ISIO 200 Firmware Update to Version V2.00 — coming soon …

OMICRON Device Browser

The OMICRON Device Browser (ODB) is a component to find OMICRON devices on a local network even if the IP address of the device is not known yet. When an ISIO 200 is found and listed by the ODB, further functions can be applied. Two functions of particular interest are:

  • Setting a static IP address for the ISIO 200
  • Invoking the web interface of the ISIO 200

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